Visual Arts


Whether on walls for a mural to emerge, metal and stone to give a sculpture form, or canvas to paint a story, visual arts are a fabric of our environment and a connection to our soul. Murals add a story-like dimension to a space, giving it a feeling of expansiveness, a place in time, or even a little whimsy. A sculpture provides a sense of grounding, a piece that is larger than life. A painting or hand-painted sign can be thought-provoking and add a visually pleasing aesthetic within an environment.

Whether for a commercial client or for personal enjoyment, creating a piece of art in whatever medium that it emerges from deals with the essentials of life, and is an affirmation of the human spirit. From hand painted signs, murals and decorative arts, to sculptures and paintings, Catherine Carlton Arts is diverse in artistic style traveling throughout the United States collaborating with interior designers and clients  to have their creative vision realized.