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Catherine is a self-taught artist, designing and hand painting signs, sculptures and murals for over 25 years—transforming the walls, floors and ceilings of fine restaurants, hotels, businesses, schools and private residences throughout the United States and abroad.

She is inspired by what is new and unique in the world of design, and look for projects that will challenge her creative spirit to meet the desired outcome of a project. Whether painting murals, store signs or a unique piece of art… whatever the medium, Catherine collaborates closely with interior designers for restaurants and hospitality, business’ and homeowners to help create an ambience to their space, and a statement that represents their personal and decorative style.


Catherine’s fine art allows her to create a unique expression of experience that has its own language of form, color, space, emotion and technique. She paints intuitively, exposing the vulnerability of the creative process while questioning assumptions about art, her audience and herself.

It begins to be more than color and form that is painted on a surface, it begins to tug at the unknown and speak to the hidden parts in all of us that are personal, private, and even mysterious. As in the lyrics of a song or a verse in a poem, she wants her audience to pause, reflect, remember…and feel their own connection.

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