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Sign painting…. a common trade of days gone by. When an era of technology ushered in less expensive, easier printing processes, it left in its wake a homogenized landscape of conforming repetitive signs.

Today’s vinyl lettering, printed signage, and large-scale digital graphics are available, but void of the passion it takes to create a unique, one-of-a-kind designed, hand painted sign.

Fortunately, sign painting is making a comeback, and the lost art of painting with a brush is back, giving signs and lettering a refreshed originality and personality that is here to stay. As a San Diego based custom sign painter and artist, I welcome the opportunity to help add a fresh, creative look for your restaurant or business.

I’ve included some old logos I found that I designed and hand lettered on tracing paper using a pencil, eraser,  straight edge… the old fashion way, before the age of the computer!! I still like to work this way. Feels more organic. Hence, the category sections on my website,  all designed and hand painted to represent the type of gallery.

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